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Contract Management Software

Leave contract spreadsheets behind

  • Centralize your contracts in one reposity
  • Protect your organization with alerts and notifications
  • Send meaningful reports automatically

Control your contracts

  • Balance access to contract records with security and controls
  • Manage data, not documents
  • Track approvals and the full contract lifecycle

Achieve better financial performance

  • Forecast and protect recurring revenue from contracts reliably
  • Halt expense overruns and benefit from pricing terms
  • Manage contract risk at the portfolio level

Compare Licenses

Subscription License

The Subscription License choice provides you with the certainty that Contract Analyst will grow with your needs. The annual subscription includes all major upgrades, minor updates and maintenance. Our support team is available to you during the period of your subscription.

The Subscription License is an affordable way to benefit from Contract Analyst. Your annual price is locked for three years, but you are not obligated for three years. Your organization will pay the same annual amount each year for all of the benefits of Contract Analyst.

Our Rapid Start services are included with the first year's subscription.

Perpetual License

The Perpetual License gives customers an affordable way to benefit from Contract Analyst indefinitely. Customers that purchase a Perpetual License have the right to use the major version of Contract Analyst indefinitely. The annual support and maintenance fee is required the first year, but is optional after the first year. Maintenance includes the all minor updates and access to our support team during the maintenance period. Major versions are an additional license fee.

Our Rapid Start services are included with the first year support and maintenance payment at no additional charge.

Custom Solution

Your Custom Contract Analyst is a service for select customers. With our Custom option, our Professional Services team configures Contract Analyst for your organization. We set up your workflows, screens, fields, reports and more. You can leverage our experience to tailor Contract Analyst for your needs.

Our customization services for Contract Analyst are available to a limited number of customers. Please contact us to learn more.


The Individual License is for a single computer or laptop. It is designed to help the contract manager, lawyer or other professional whose contract management needs have outgrown spreadsheets and notes. The Individual License includes the power of the other Contract Analyst options, except for email alerts and some customization options.

The Individual License, like the Perpetual License, is paid upfront and has an indefinite term. You have the right to use that version of the software. Support and maintenance, along with Rapid Start, are additional charges.

All of Contract Analyst's options are governed by the Contract Analyst Software License and Support documentation.

Features and Licenses

Contract Analyst License Options

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